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Willow Tree Primary School

“Inspiring Learners for Life”


Willow Tree Why

At Willow Tree Primary School, we believe that Religious Education is an essential part of a child’s education. We believe that it is important because it helps pupils to: Respect others and gain a broader understanding of views and beliefs, improve their knowledge of global affairs, develop a stronger sense of wellbeing, ethical standards and personal happiness. We hope that by doing this our children will be able to contribute to and build a more cohesive community.


In the new agreed RE syllabus, pupils will be encouraged and challenged to reflect and evaluate and think critically about what they learned. It also enables pupils to understand Ealing’s diverse range of citizens and recognise that each person has their own principles, values and beliefs. In essence, our RE curriculum is an opportunity to provide pupils with the tools to connect them with the community and reflect on their own lives.